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People mistook me for a minister’s daughter – Nasasira


Doreen Nasasira presents “K-Zone on 93.3Kfm. Nasasira is also a voice over artiste and brand ambassador of Credible Estate Managers, writes Phionah Nassanga.

First thing you do in the morning… 

I say a prayer and I take a glass of warm lemonade before taking a bath and getting set for the day.

First job… 
In 2005, I was an accountant during my Senior Six vacation. I worked at a film library in Bugolobi which doubled as a mini bar. My major responsibility was to balance books.

Was it a smooth sail?
No, because there were times I made losses and books failed to balance. From this, I learnt the basics of managing a business.

First time on radio… 


In 2011 at Bob FM. I was nervous and I lost my voice.  I even forgot what to say. I felt like taking a bathroom break.  However, I was excited because l had told my family members and friends to tune in. l walked like a champion even though my delivery that day was bad.  It was a good experience and there is always a first time for everything.


The first person you call or text when excited or worried…
My mother because she is my best friend. She listens, advises and comforts me. She understands me more than anyone.

First experience on a plane…
Surprisingly, I have never been on any but soon I will be because I  have many offers,  but  I am  scared of heights.   When I do I will share with you my experience.

Most unforgettable moments… 
Because of my name Nasasira, many people assumed I was Minister John Nasasira’s daughter. The name has earned me favours. For  example, during primary school, teachers never punished me.

First time you got embarrassed… 
I fell off a boda boda at the Wandegeya traffic lights. Little did l know that my pair of jeans had got torn.  When I got off the ground to walk away, people kept staring at me, I did not know what was happening until a woman approaching told me that my underwear was out and offered me her scarf to cover myself. This taught me to always carry a scarf in my bag.


First car …
Honda Fit 2006 model which I bought at Shs25m in 2017.

What have been your biggest accomplishments?
When I help my listeners through a tough situation. It fulfills me.
Some of them go an extra mile of calling me outside work time seeking my help.

First crush… 

I was in Primary Six and a cute boy in the neighbourhood almost made me trip. I found out we were going to the same church and I became friends with him.  But I never told him I was crushing on him.  Years later, we met at university and he confessed his love for me but l was in a relationship.


First date… 

I do not remember the real date but a man invited me to his place. He had organised a candlelit dinner with roses and wine.  It was heavenly.

First disappointment…
We set up a business with a friend but because of my busy schedule I left her in charge only to realise she had been tapping money from the business and ended up creating her own without my knowledge. I made a huge loss and closed the business.

First heartbreak…
In 2008, at university and I was in a long distance relationship with someone who suggested I leave the country and join him. At the moment it was impossible for me and we broke up.


Outside your radio career have you done any other job?

Yes, I am a  brand ambassador, I have made appearances for different companies, to promote their products and brands. I  get most of those gigs with the help of my radio job and through my social media pages.

What does it mean to be a brand ambassador?
It is an achievement that entails hard work and determination.

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