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Thou shan’t judge Yiga

“Let that pastor without sin cast the first stone”

Pastor Augustine Yiga (L) and Pastor Jackson Ssenyonga (R)

Loved. Loathed. All in equal measure. Augustine Yiga is no more. For real this time. A ‘pastor’ with Revival Christian Church, Yiga will be remembered for his comical sermons and claims he returns evil spirits to senders!

As his death made rounds, another pastor, Jackson Ssenyonga, was not going to let his feud with Yiga die just like that. In a hastily organised presser, the self appointed chief whip of pastors labelled Abizaayo,  ‘a sinner’ and ‘what not’.

That he had fathered many children with members of his congregation, some of whom he didn’t know. Even in life, Ssenyonga picked on Yiga and other pastors he thinks are not worthy of being called ‘Men of Gad’.

The Christian Life Church guy has fought with Ronnie Makabai of Evangelical Truth Ministries.

At the height of the Aloysius-Teddy Bugingo divorce scandal, Senyonga and his wife Eva hosted Teddy, gave her airtime to air out her grievances. She maintained a positive vibe, rarely attacking her estranged husband.

This is not what Senyonga and wife had envisaged. Ho, nga they abused Bugingo, the man, on behalf of Teddy. Petty petty drama just.

Ssenyonga has also in the past, without naming names, claimed he had received complaints from members of other churches about ‘horrendous activities and crimes of false pastors.’

We can go on and on! But the Bible says somewhere in there that ‘…he without sin cast the first stone.’

Ssenyonga, many will testify, is no stranger to controversy.

His fellow pastors and members of his church have time and again accused him of this and that. There are cases in court involving land wrangles and unpaid for goods. There is the story of the plane somewhere in America. These can be hastily swept under the carpet if you are a ‘media mogul.’

A media mogul whose viewership and ratings were going down and needed a revival. Who else but a dead Yiga would help achieve that?

Hint! Most of us are just following you preachers because you know how to speak –well – for hours on about how to forget our problems, and become rich, and enter the Kingdom of God, and bla bla bla.

If there was a more convincing way out, those women who sleep on your church floors and return home after three days worse off would never return. So, this pretense should end like yesterday.

There, I said it. All you guys are the same. We are deep in the struggle and you are busy abusing the dead?

#WhatKindaMan are you?

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