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Blah blah blahLet the clowns be, we need them for comic relief

Ssegirinya Muhammad

The scandals in UG will kill you if you take life too seriously.

Happy Independence dear Ugandan. It’s been a long time since we were openly not independent.  For the last 58 years, we have been covertly dependent. You know how you put on a plastic smile like all is well when you are falling apart on the inside. Of course, it would be shallow not to recognise and celebrate the strides we have taken. I am, therefore, doing a happy dance for this my beloved country on this auspicious occasion.

Jubilewo aside, did you hear about how a young man called Ssegirinya Muhammad (pronounced as Segheerinya mwamedi) is being segregated against by some members of his party, the National Unity Platform (NUP). So here’s the story. NUP selected Ssegirinya (let’s call him Sseggy) as their party flag bearer for Kawempe North constituency but certain people protested, saying Sseggy is a comedian and, therefore, has no right to represent human beings at any level of leadership. One of them, whose name we shall not mention because we don’t want, said: “You cannot select a comedian. We have seen him rolling in sand and doing funny things on social media.”

If you don’t know Ssegy, he is that man who used to call into every radio talk show just to object to anything that was being discussed. If they were discussing the need for Ugandans to have free food and healthcare, he would call in and vehemently object the abuse of the rights to free food. He always wore a skinny red tie and that was even before people power times. Ssegy once marched with a TV set on his head protesting the analogue to digital migration. In a nutshell, this guy is passionate and vocal. He just needs a bit of guidance and a lot of education. So, don’t throw him out because he is a clown. Clown lives matter.

Pick a leaf from DP who have selected Bakayimbira drama actor Siasa, real name Charles James Ssenkubuge, as their flag bearer for Kampala Lord Mayor.  I do not see any DP people saying he is too funny to be mayor.  After all, to lead in this our independant Uganda, a sense of humour is necessary.

The scandals that rock our society will kill you if you take life too seriously. For instance, while we were busy slaving away at our jobs, some people were busy registering about 2,000 mobile phone Sim cards which they then used to hack into mobile money systems and fleece Bank of Africa and Stanbic Bank of billions of shillings last week. And that’s just one of the many crimes that happened. So please, let the clowns be, we need them for comic relief.


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