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I am emotional but not heartbroken – Katatumba

Angella Katatumba

EMOTIONAL: It is possible that Angella Katatumba is only trying to steal her moment from a situation, but it is also possible that her heart bleeds for a love lost in Daddy Andre. Which of the two could it be? David S. Mukooza had a chat with the singer.

1.Are you riding on Andre and Nina’s marriage to promote your new song?

Not really. “Emotional” was recorded right after Andre and I broke up. It was written by the Uga Boys, who are also artistes signed under Black Market Records. They were following events and my situation inspired them to write the song for me. It was based on a true story because I was truly emotional when Andre and I parted ways. He was doing a lot for me and we had moved into an apartment. He treated me like a princess, and we had that collabo, “Tonelabira”. The break up was a difficult situation for me. We had dated for about three months, but truthfully, Andre was so disappointed with me because he invested so much and had introduced me to his family in Busia. But when he refused to have the HIV test, I left .We did not separate because of violence but a principle of health. As of now, we are not on speaking terms and he cannot even step on stage when I am performing “Tonelabira”.

2.But you guys are signed under the same label, do you handle that?

Black Market Records is so professional so they know how to handle people and they deal with us separately and individually. Their goal is for us to do music and make money. They also have a clause on confidentiality and when it comes to matters to do with me, they do not tell Andre and vice versa. Same as Nina Roz, we have met at a gig, especially when I moved with Andre but I do not know her that much but I wish her well.

3.Are you heartbroken or just seeking public sympathy?

To be honest, it is a double click for me. I am not heartbroken because we had separated a long time ago, but the news of Nina Roz and Andre’s introduction got me emotional, especially when I remember the moments we shared and why we parted ways, which was very simple for me. The other side is, I am a musician, a moment came and you know music is sometimes about emotions and if a story is real, then you have to ride on it to make your fans happy.

4.You always kept your lovers secret how did this Andre issue escape?

The issue of Andre somehow caught fire, information leaked, it became obvious, the media started trailing us and boom, we couldn’t hide anymore. But you know it is not my style to show my people but Andre was also a hot cake, he was always performing and he needed me around to give him company.

Too bad that right now I feel like I do not know him anymore. We are like strangers but I appreciate him for treating me like every woman desires, introducing me publicly to everyone, writing me a monster hit.

5.How do you feel about the negative backlash on social media?

My father told me in life, I will have people hating me for nothing but people think differently and I know the questions some of them raise include how I could dump a man who invested a lot of money just because of a simple HIV test? So you can’t expect such people to celebrate you. They come with all the anger and frustrations and put them on you .So my father taught me to expect it and understand it. On a lighter note, if people speak about you aggressively, then it means you have an impact on society because people mostly get angry with the greats. So this is a blessing, just a hashtag of emotional and the country is turned upside down.

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