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Song Review: Billboard (Kipande) – Nina Roz

Nina Roz

Although simplicity is the ultimate sophistication, sometimes simplicity for the sake of simplicity can undo great work. And there’s something about music videos in the Covid-19 period – they’ve overstretched the concept of simplicity.

Billboard (Kipande) is a simple video, clearly shot on budget, but it has no soul, doesn’t stand for anything. There’s nothing memorable about it. It could be mistaken for a collection of Nina Roz’s modelling photoshoots.

And again, it’s not to say that it sucks, it just doesn’t strike a chord for something worth a re-watch. It’s just scene after scene of Nina Roz lost in romantic thoughts. There’s no clear plot. Perhaps it’s just another visual element to accompany the audio.

One should expect better from the artistic Nina Roz. At the worst, we could have had all the scenes playing through a digital billboard. We have the lighting, the colour, we don’t have the story. – Ian Ortega

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