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Singer Afrie impresses with new African girl video



Save for Covid-19 outbreak that has paralysed almost every nerve of the global economy and social life, it is evident that singer Ann Nassanga alias Afrie has been one of the fastest growing alternative artist in Uganda.

However, the Mulara singer known for her piano aided performances is finally adjusting to the new normal with a new video off her EP Afriedom that saw her get a nod at AFRIMMA awards last year.

Her impressing video is a story that everyone should know, reminiscing those days at home having that sibling who would be assigned to do domestic chores in absence of the parents but then tries out whatever they think they are forbidden to do.

For girls, it is the lipstick, the dances, the wigs and many more. This is the story of singer Afrie in her new song Let Her Know alias African Girl.

The video starts with statement from a seemingly departing mother, who asks her daughter “not to forget hanging the clothes on line.” She instead resorts to music and all sorts of tempting things at home.

The former AFRIMMA nominee, Afrie chooses to tale a story of women empowerment with contemporary dance to visualize her song that calls out girls to believe in themselves and the public to support them.

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