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Ykee Benda declares support for Chameleone for Kampala mayor


Musicians have found themselves having to choose who to support in the upcoming 2021 General Elections.  Wyclif Tugume, aka Ykee Benda, is one of those who has in the last few days been frank and loud about his support for fellow musician Joseph Mayanja, aka Chameleone, who is contesting for the position of Kampala Mayor.

Through a couple of tweets Ykee Benda posted on his Twitter account, he revealed some of the reasons he will stand with Chameleone in this race, and declared his belief in the fellow musician winning the elections.

“We have voted the educated and elite and still dint see results… I am voting Joseph Mayanja and he is going to win…. Look at the roads in Kampala divisions. We need change for Kampala. And do not talk to me about his past, we all have one! #MayanjaOwaafe,” he wrote.

Recently, the vetting committee of the National Unity Platform, where Chameleone is a member, released results showing that Kawempe North Member of Parliament Latif Ssebagala would be representing the party in contesting for the Kampala Mayor seat. Mr Ssebagala was chosen over Chameleone who was also contesting for the same position.

Officials of the party said the musician was dropped due to his questionable academic papers and lack of a national ID. Ssebagala however later came out and declared that he would be stepping down from the race due to need to maintain unity in the party.

On hearing the news, Ykee Benda shared another post rejoicing over Ssebagala stepping down from the race and captioned it: “This is very good news. Mr. Joseph can now take us rightful seat. #MayanjaWaafe.”

Earlier, he had expressed his support for the singer, tweeting, “I am voting for Joseph Mayanja for mayor of my city!! I hope you also know we need a different type of leaders.”

The battle lines have been drawn.


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