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Woman battered by ex-boyfriend runs to twitter for help, gets Kasingye, Cheptegei’s attention

A woman who has reportedly endured six years of torture by her now estranged boyfriend has run to Twitter seeking help after she was allegedly attacked at her parent’s home following a bitter separation.

The lady who identifies herself as Diana Nicky and known among her Twitter followers as Maama Kipoli on Wednesday posted a photo showing her face covered in blood and accused her ex-boyfriend of attacking her at her parent’s home.

“I was attacked by my ex last night at my parent’s house. He has been hitting me 4 6 gd yrs and I had 2 move on wiz my lyf coz I was tired. Nw c what he has dan 2 me. He ran away and had the guts to call my siblings mbu he’s not shaken because he has da money. @AKasingye I need your help,” Diana tweeted.

The tweet has attracted the attention of the Chief Political Commissar of the Uganda Police Force Asan Kasingye who has offered to personally follow up the case and ensure that justice is served.

“He belongs to Prison after going through a judicial process. That can’t happen unless you report to the Police station officially and a criminal file processed. You need to get a Police Form 3 for medical examination. I will personally follow up,” AIGP Kasingye replied.

Reacting to Diana’s tweet, world record long distance runner, Joshua Cheptegei wondered why there are still men who assault women in this generation.

“So sad that we still have men who raises a hand on a lady, gone are the days. I pray justice is served accordingly,” Cheptegei tweeted.

Octoberbae Cathie empathized with Diana saying she was orphaned following the loss of her mother in a domestic fight with her dad.


“Y’all remember I told u my mum passed away.  I didn’t tell you what caused her death. Looking at @NickyDianaUG1’s story tears rolled down my cheeks. One day my dad hit her where it was not easy to recover again, for that reason am an orphan,” she tweeted.

Nicky’s case is just one example of increasing cases of violence against women in Uganda.

In April this year, minister of gender, labor and social development, Mr Frank Tumwebaze, issued a stern warning to perpetrators of domestic violence against women and children during the Covid-19 period.

Mr Tumwebaze told reporters in Kampala that there has been an increase in gender-based violence (GBV) as the country was under lockdown to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

“Some of these cases have already claimed lives of Ugandans even before Covid-19 does so,” Tumwebaze said, noting that between March 30 and April 28, a total of 3,280 cases of GBV were reported to police.

This is in addition to 283 cases of Violence Against Children, according to the ministry.

Mr Tumwebaze said those found guilty would face the law.

“These acts of violence degrade the dignity of humanity and are therefore unacceptable. The perpetrators of this vice must be dealt with decisively and in a timely manner in accordance with the law,” the minister said.

He urged law enforcement agencies like the police to act tough against GBV.


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