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Unemployed Mawokota youths petition Bajjo, want jobs

A section of unemployed youths in Mawokota North in Mpigi District have petitioned events promoter Andrew Mukasa aka Bajjo to ask President Museveni to give them jobs or working capital to set up businesses.

They have said that acute poverty is likely to kill them before 2021 general elections and added that it’s partly why they are diverted by some politicians to cause violence against others at a cost of Shs 5,000 per day.

“We are left behind in development that’s why we are used especially during elections. We are now sending you (Bajjo) to our president Museveni to give us what to do to earn a living. We are tired of shouting on streets chanting political slogans yet we don’t have what to eat. Be our voice because we have spoken but no one listens to us,” Ms. Najiba Naluyima, a youth leader in Kammengo Sub-County said.

At least 536 youths under their association, Mawokota Youth Development Club convened at Bwamulamira village in Kammengo Sub-County to raise their concerns to Mr Bajjo who visited the area on Friday afternoon to continue spreading the gospel of the ruling party, National Resistance Movement (NRM) about economic transformation.

“I am here to give you tips about how you can change economically and of course requesting you to support our Jjaja. This tendency of spending almost 90percent time on social media platforms abusing each other shall not bring food to our tables. We have to work hard, think about our future and love each other because we are one people on this planet earth,” Mr Bajjo advised.

Mr Bajjo who is currently subscribed to the ruling party NRM, on the same event, welcomed over 70 youths from Bobi Wine’s party NUP to NRM who told him that they crossed to NRM “to get what to eat like you (Bajjo).

However, while Mr. Bajjo was making his remarks, another group of youths with red berets invaded the venue and started chanting People Power Our Power slogans as they were praising the name of Bobi Wine with words: “We want Bobi, not your money. We want Bobi, not your bribe. It is our time,”

Mr Bajjo donated Shs.1Million to Mawokota Youth Development Club to help members in developing their projects.


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