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The Batalo Dance Festival is back


Kuhamaham EP group perform at the Butalo Festival last year. Photo by Gabriel Buule


Kampala-  Before the outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic, dance as an art form in Uganda had registered an astounding progress that routine classes, dance groups and studios were emerging.

Surely, it is evident that the sector is hit hard since concert performances, theatre showcases and perhaps; dance classes which have been the source of money for dancers source are at a halt.

However, striving to survive under

the new normal, Uganda’s biggest dance festival dubbed Batalo East Festival has rolled out its programme that will see the festival happen on  October 9.

The three days festival that will start will  end on October 11 is tentatively set to happen Online with dance performances on the first day followed by a workshop on building a sustainable and relevant  dance career in Africa and to be crowned with dance on the final day.

According to Abdul Kinyenya Muyingo, the executive director of Batalo East dance organisation, the festival that is curated under the theme “Tradition meets urban” will unleash a couple of dance performances but most importantly all traditional dances in Uganda will be showcased.

“Traditional dance is a cultural mainstay in Africa, and an important component of the social fabric of over 40 ethnic groups across Uganda.  It even forms a key component of primary school education that is why we thought it so important to give it a priority,” Muyingo said.

He said that efforts to preserve and develop traditional African dance can only be done by giving traditional dances a priority.

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