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Covid-19: Fun factory comedians act how it should be done- VIDEO



On Tuesday, fun factory released the video of their ‘Yambala mask’ tune days after release of its demo.

After watching the demo clip doing rounds on social media, many people thought it was one of their episodes of their weekly ‘Mizigo express’ edition but when the video finally came out, the perception changed.

Asked whether this was a government project like the previous ones we have seen about COVID-19, Hannington Bugingo, the director of the group said it was their personal initiative although they received some facilitation from Twaweza to produce the song.

“This is like our Cooperate Social Responsibility. We had to come out and create awareness about this disease because the virus is killing people and many think it’s not real,” said Buju.

Richard Tuwangye, Bugingo Hannington, Isaac Kudzu, Dickson Zizinga, Simon Base Kalema, Tindi and Herbert Mendo are some of the voices in the song that was produced by Eli Arkhis.

The song talks about the advantages of wearing a mask during this pandemic and how to prevent the spread of the virus. It’s done in different languages like Luganda, Lusoga, Swahili, English, Acholi and Lunyankore and Lutoro.

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