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Loukman releases Blind Date, delays Girl In Yellow Jumper



If you have been itching for the much anticipated movie Girl In Yellow Jumper, hold on and brace yourself for the Blind Date, still from the same director Ali Loukman.

In a Facebook post, Loukman announced that Blind Date will be soon out on YouTube, meaning Ugandans could wait a little longer for Girl in Yellow Jumper.

When contacted, Loukman confirmed that Blind Date would come out first, with dates for Girl in yellow Jumper yet to be announced. The premiere for the latter was slated for April 18, 2020 but was delayed by the lockdown.

He hyped Blind Date as a great story “Ugandans should be excited about”, with top stars like Martha Kay, Michael Wawuyo Jr, Patrick Nkakalukanyi, among others.

“ It’s a great story that is about Jeff, who has a crush on a girl that’s way outside his social class but won’t let that stop him, he’ll do whatever it takes, including breaking a few rules,” he adds.

The film is an inaugural production for Godfrey Mutabaazi’s Net Studios in partnership with Loukman Films and produced by local film maker Usaama Mukwaaya.

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