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A Pass, Zex blow us away

A Pass came on stage with a goat for his second session. Right is Mr Ratata, Zex. PHOTO/COURTESY

The third edition of the Club Beatz at Home Season 2 happened on Saturday and as expected, the lineup did not disappoint.

Without an audience, only a few event organisers can afford to pull off an event the way Club Beatz at Home did on Saturday evening. And so far, the third edition of Season Two is one we shall not forget soon. Both the curtain raiser and main act were in themselves crowd pullers – we are talking Zex Bilanjilanji and A Pass, in that order. You would barely tell the show was pre-recorded.

At exactly 9:15pm, Douglas Lwanga, the host of the show stepped on stage and without much ado, he straight away introduced Zex, who was more than zealous to dive into his club banger, “Ratata”. He jumped up and down, as if performing for a live audience and at some point was heard calling out the audience to sing along with him. As the song was nearing the end, he instructed the band to play it once again.

And after Zex’s performance, Lwanga did not waste much time.
“Dancehall has been rebranded by many artistes. Some still alive while others died but this next artiste deserves credit for his role in rebranding dancehall. His name is Alexander Bagonza, also known as A Pass.”

With this simple introduction, the branded stage was darkened and the screen behind displayed a huge portrait of A Pass with his hands crossed across his chest, Wakanda style. Perhaps as a tribute to Black Panther actor Chadwick Boseman.
Below the portrait was A Pass, standing there in greatly framed lighting and artwork, courtesy of Fenon Records.

A Pass majestically walked towards the centre of the stage as the band teased with his “Chupa ku Chupa” instrumental, a song he kicked off with for his first session, following it up with “Guliwano”, “Mummy”, “Tuli Kubigere” and “Give Me a Kiss”.

When he returned from his short break, A Pass returned on stage with a goat. Was it to emphasise his continued self-praise that he is G.O.A.T (Greatest Of All Time)? We are yet to hear from him on that.

In the second session, he mixed it up with both new and old songs, kicking off with “Nkwagala”, “Mu Curfew”, “Wuyo”, “Guliwano”, “Memories” with Lillian Mbabazi “Addicted”, “Turn up D’Vibe”, “For real” and climaxed with “Dididada”.
The sound was great and during his p

erformance, videos of each song he performed were displayed on a giant screen behind him.

The third season of the Club Beatz at Home Season 2 has seven more episodes to go and unlike previous editions, they decided to have two artistes for each show.

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