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VIDEO: I’m still in NRM though yet to be paid my Shs270m, says Big Eye


Weeks after he threatened to sue President Museveni for alleged failure to pay his Shs270m for his services during the 2011 general elections period, embattled singer Big Eye has refuted reports that he defected from the ruling National resistance Movement (NRM) party.

“I’m definitely still in NRM. If you have never seen me holding a membership card of another political party then it means I never quit my party,” the Tambula singer, real name, Ibrahim Mayanja whose threats and suit never materialized told Spark TV on Tuesday.

“I have not betrayed anyone but if there are wrong things happening in NRM I will definitely talk about them. But it does not mean I have left the party,” he said.

Big Eye, however, insists the party is yet to be pay his money.

“If your boss owed you money, it doesn’t mean you stop working. I haven’t been paid yet but it doesn’t mean I will stop working for NRM,” he said.

In June this year, Big Eye composed a song asking President Museveni to pay him.

The song came five months after the self-styled Star Boss met the president at State House Nakasero.

Big Eye posted on his Facebook page saying “Alhamdulillah” meaning “Thank you, God.”

Big Eye has previously accused fellow NRM diehards in the music circle of neglecting his cause.


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