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People can vote for Diamond if they want – Eddy Kenzo



 BET award winner Edrisah Musuuza aka Eddy Kenzo in an interview recently opened up about how the leaked voice note about Bobi Wine has affected him, his journey as tourism ambassador so far, and his ‘Mugole video’. During his interview on Spark TV the segment 21 Questions, he shared a few details with presenter Precious Remmy. We bring the details.

 Among all artistes in Uganda, why do you think you were chosen to be tourism ambassador?

Haaa that question is supposed to be directed to God and the tourism sector, it is all up to God and His grace, but I think it is because of my status.

 What do you mean your status?

You have been following, you know how far Ugandan music has come. When you look at Uganda and its entire musical existence, I have achieved a lot more than anybody else.

 Recently, a voice note of you expressing your anger toward Hon. Kyagulanyi Ssentamu circulated on the internet, what was the motive behind all this?

Someone leaked it. The anger was just natural, just like how you fail to agree on something with someone on some issues.

 People say that you were hurt because he was not replying your messages…

In the voice note, I was talking to someone, I was not talking to the whole world. I was trying to explain to my friend that the things Bobi Wine was doing were not clear. He was undermining people, when they went to pick membership cards, he was not there sometimes, and when he managed to be there, his actions were still not clear. I was just not satisfied with how he was handling fellow musicians.

 Have you talked to him since then?


 Would you wish to talk to him?

If he wants.

 Most musicians that have joined politics have faced issues with their musical career, don’t you think this situation will affect your career too?

These things are all about being on a ballot paper for presidency. So even if you are a fellow artiste and we don’t agree on something, I have to tell you what I feel about your actions.

 Do you have a particular political party that you support?

No, I am an independent, I am a tourism ambassador. What I want most in Uganda is freedom. Whoever people vote for is who I will work with.

 Today is the President’s birthday and we saw you post him on your Facebook page. What other message would you direct to him live on TV?

Politics aside, I am a person that accepts that President Museveni has done something for Uganda. Everything I have, I got it when he is President. However much some things go wrong, I believe in forgiveness and moving forward. I have worked for the president and I didn’t get paid but I’m still grateful for his efforts and the freedom we have. I am doing this for myself, not anyone else. I was born when he was President and got what I have as he is still President. Not appreciating him would be selfish.

Bigeye came out and contradicted the results of elections that you once posted on your page, is there any issue between the two of you?


 Your Mugole video is out. When should we expect the real mugole?

She is coming soon, I can’t die single.

 You have been nominated in the Afrimma awards and people on social media are trying to de-campaign you in the category of Male East African artiste of the year, saying that we all should vote for Diamond Platinumz. How are you going to deal with this?

They have a choice, Diamond is an East African, they can vote for him. Diamond and I have been winning this award many times. He can win, I can win, anyone else can win. We even have new talent like Harmonize that have done good work, they can win too.

 What if other nominations come, don’t you think the beef people have toward you will cost you your career?

Music has politics more that politics itself. People have been de-campaigning me secretly from small music groups since my BET award, but now it is only different because they have gotten a basis to help them do it publicly but it is okay, you can’t be liked by everyone. I have many supporters too, so everyone has a choice.

 Will you join politics soon?

Yes, in future I might be president, never know but not now.

 So you feel you are a politician?

No I am not a politician but I can be a leader, everyone can be a leader and I am already leading in different things. As long as you are able to take people in a certain direction, you are a leader.

 Tell us how being tourism ambassador is so far?

I have not yet started doing the job officially but we are launching this month on 24th. However, Mango Safari took me to Queen Elizabeth National Game Park for a congratulations treat. We went to Kasese and now people are doing different travelling clips and challenges as they send them to me. Soon I am going to invite them to travel with me and I believe we shall enjoy and achieve a lot.

Any last message?

I love everyone, those who love me and those who don’t. I respect people’s choices and everyone has their choice. We are all Ugandans and have to do what we are doing for our country.

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