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VIDEO: Chameleone gets emotional as he shares the story of how he almost lost his legs

Jose Chameleone

Ugandan musician Joseph Mayanja, commonly known as Chameleone broke down as he recently shared that one experience in his life that he will always be grateful to God for having led him through.

It all happened during a church service at Pastor Wilson Bugembe’s The Worship House church.

As the musician was on the pulpit with the Pastor, he was asked to share that one thing that he is most grateful for in his life. This is when Chameleone opened up about the experience he had in Tanzania where he almost lost the ability to walk, “I fell and broke my legs and at that point, I didn’t have any hope that I would ever walk again.”

As he shared, he stopped at some point to compose himself as tears rolled down his eyes.


He added that many people have been through similar situations and didn’t make it through: “My friend AK47 slipped and fell in the bathroom and didn’t survive. This is why I always praise and thank God for the grace He has showed me. Even when I see shoes worth Shs200,000, I will buy them because am grateful for God’s mercy.”

In 2008, news circulated that Chameleone was admitted after falling from his room on the third floor of Impala Hotel in Arusha.

Chameleone says that while everyone had their version of stories to tell about what happened, all he will do is thank God always for saving him.


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