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The Mith proves he is Mr So UG in third album

With two albums under his name along with a couple of mixtapes, Tom ‘The Mith’ Mayanja, couldn’t have a better way to celebrate his birth month than releasing his third album, aptly titled “The Ugandan”.

While announcing the release of the 16-track album which was produced by Koz-N-Effekt, the rapper said each album shows growth and lets people in on where he is with his life. His previous albums are “The Week Of September” and “Destination Africa”.

The album cover for “The Ugandan” features a young The Mith being carried by his grandmother, wrapped around by the map of Uganda while the back cover features a grownup Mith and the list of songs on the album.

The Mith, who goes by the alias Mr So UG, said after listening to the past, he felt this was the time to walk the talk with the album as he portrayed the character of his alias.

“I call myself The Mith a.k.a Mr So UG, a play off my line, I’m So UG, but I didn’t feel like I had jumped into that “character” the right way. So when Koz-n-Effekt and I started working on the album and he played for me this recording of Ugandan poets from the 1970s, I figured it was time to get back into what I love, and what truly defines me. Uganda,” the rapper explained the influene of the album title.

He added that “The Ugandan” was actually inspired by Navio, Flex D’Paper and the artistes they hanged out and interacted with after their time in Nairobi. He says they put him in the right frame of mind with their positive energy, along with conversations of different creatives.

Some of the songs on the album include, “Welcome 2 UG”, in which he features Giovanni Kiyingi, “Power” alongside JC Muyonjo, “Serenade at Serena” with Evon, “Hand on the Bible”, “Wangu Peke” featurng Joseph Sax and Eli Maliki, “I’m so UG” interlude part 1 and “Raise ‘em Higher” with Navio, among others.

Working with one producer and one engineer, Samurae, was deliberate because they wanted to give a body of work that did not sound like a “compilation of songs”.
He wrote all the songs while every artiste who featured wrote their own lines too.

Asked whether this album could not wait, Tom Mayanja said he feels like music is a nice way to escape these tough times of Covid-19 and besides that, he also felt like the music needed to be heard as they had put together something epic.
To follow up the album, he promises that there will be something.

“I’ve been very calculated with my album rollout, and I’m definitely going to do the same with the next moves.”

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