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Tabs dreams for Mbarara

Focused: Aggrey Tumusiime is an artiste from Mbarara determined to take the music industry to a whole new level. His vision is to elevate the whole region and see others excel as he shares with Isaac Ssejjombwe.

What is you real name and why ‘Tabs Mr Man’ for a stage name?
My name is Aggrey Tumusiime and (Tabs) is short for Tumusiime Aggrey Burubire’s Son. I added the ‘son’s’ because I am my father’s son while the (Mr man) came from calling myself (omushaija nyishaija).
It was a friend who decided to call me Mr Man, which I found catchy.

Why did you pick interest in music?
My parents told me that I loved music growing up, so I can say it is a calling. I feel there is a gap that I need to fill in the music industry.

When did you start doing music?
I released my first single in 2015, “Omugwiraro”, so it is five years since I joined the industry.

Some people are in music to make money, others to make a name, why are you doing music?
To fulfil what I was born to do. I am building my legacy. I do not know about others but I always start all my songs with “Omu..”. I want to be the first solo artiste to elevate the music industry.

What style of music do you do?
I do Afrobeat, Zouk, Rn’B and band music as well.

How many songs do you have so far?
I have 12 songs but I have just released five so far: “Omugwiraro”, “Omunyankore”, “Omushuma”, “Nurse (Omushaho)” and “Omushungi”.

Which artistes inspire you?
Unfortunately, I am not inspired by anyone but I like Ugandan music.

What are your goals in this industry?
To teach and inspire the new generation. I want to be remembered as someone who lifted others up in the industry.

Covid-19 caught us unaware and we have seen people’s consumption of music change. How are you handling this situation?
There is always a plan B and plan C. I have always been ready to face any circumstance. I am lucky that my music is being played everywhere.

What challenges are you facing in the industry?
Of course music needs some financial muscle, which I do not have now.
Besides that, I do not have serious management. I am being helped by a friend known as Lincoln but I am determined to see that I reach a level no one else has.

Tell me more about yourself?
I am a simple guy who likes music. I was born to Nathan Burubire and Mary Kyohangirwe. We are seven children; three boys and four girls. I finished my primary at Nyarubaare Primary School then joined Sheema High School for S.1.
I then went to Green Valley High School in S.2 but I escaped from school and was expelled before joining Tye SSS in third term. It is from there that I joined Tye band until I finished S.4 then later Urban ICT and Media Centre studying music production. I graduated with a certificate in music audio and video production.

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