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Spice Diana put up a fresh and clean performance

If there is any artiste who hasn’t suffered in this Covid-19 period, it’s Spice Diana. Besides getting a number of endorsement deals during this lockdown, she has managed to stay relevant in the industry.

Because of this, she was the main act at the Club Beatz at Home Season 3 episode 3 event that happened over the weekend.

Douglas Lwanga, the emcee said that everyone who would be watching would be blown away by the performances of this episode. He was spot on as Dre Cali and Spice Diana performed beyond satisfaction.

Dre Cali, a new entrant in the music industry after being discovered by Ykee Benda and signed to his Mpaka Records was the first on the stage. As it was his first big event to perform at, he was excited and full of energy.

He sung “Onanagiza” on which he features Lydia Jazmine before jumping on to “Zigi zaga” and finally “Ebisoka Nebisembayo”, his biggest song so far. To wrap it up, Joseph Sax joined him on stage.

Dre Cali paved the way for Spice Diana. Unlike him though, Spice had a band and she performed live. She had back-up dancers as well.

She kicked off her over 30 minutes performance with “Kwata wanno”, “Jangu ondabe”, “Now”, and “Kyuma”, her collaboration with Goodlyf. For the parts in the original song that had Radio’s and Weasel sing, Joseph Sax blew away the saxophone.

She even threw in a verse of the duo’s “Ngenda masso” as a tribute to the fallen star, and “Bajikona”, after which the band played “Jerusalema” which she danced to with her backup dancers to wrap up her first session.

The self-proclaimed “Star girl” returned for her second session dressed in another outfit and did songs like “Best friend”, “Ndi mu love”, “Mood”, “Omusheshe” and “Kokonya” among others.

With this powerful performance, this could be the best Club Beatz episode yet and puts Spice Diana among the best performers this year.

Fenon Records as usual, did not disappoint with the lighting, sound and stage.

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