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I had to fulfil my fan’s dream -Eddy Kenzo

Earlier this week, Eddy Kenzo was announced as the new Uganda tourism ambassador, taking over from the likes of Salvado, Zari and Quin Abenakyo, among others but that is no longer news.

The interesting aspect of this deal is what might have triggered Kenzo’s change of heart towards his country. A country he had abandoned last year to become a Kenyan tourism ambassador. Well, that reason is because of a fan.

According to the “Sonko” artiste, he was challenged by a fan who sent him a message and asked him why he would consider money over his country.
“One time a fan sent me a message and asked if money is more important than my country. Why I had signed up with Kenya instead of Uganda. I didn’t have an answer to that,” Kenzo said.

He added that his thoughts changed when in Ivory Coast. “I was depressed, got pressure and was scared that I would die in Ivory Coast and according to the President, he had stated that anyone who dies of coronavirus would be buried in that place. I had to return, stay strong and fulfil my dreams, including that of my fan to one day be an ambassador of Uganda.”

Together with the minister’s endless pleas, Kenzo was eager to be the next Ugandan ambassador immediately his contract ended with the Kenyans.

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