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I cannot do without the kitchen – Emeka


Born Collins Bareija Magezi, Emeka is a Ugandan comedian, actor and media personality. Unlike many men who loathe cooking, Emeka considers it a hobby.

What is your favourite part of the house?
The Kitchen. It is one place I visit daily. I can spend some days without going to some rooms but not the kitchen.

Why the kitchen?
The kitchen is special because it’s where I cook. It’s where I stock my eats and drinks.

Besides the fridge, what else is there?
Cooker, microwave, and the cabins that have my plates, cups and food.

What do you usually cook?
I make real food; rice, chicken, groundnuts, matooke and irish potatoes among other foods. I also make chapatis among other things.


How big is the kitchen?
Well. I can’t really estimate. My landlord knows better.

What is the most expensive item in the kitchen and how much did you buy it?
I must say it’s my cooker. It cost Shs850,000 but there are other priceless items in the house like my portrait and other art pieces.

Where did you buy the cooker and for how long have you had it?
I bought the cooker from German technologies. It’s a BluFlame. I’ve had it since March this year.

Why do you say the art pieces are priceless?
Well, I love art, and I love a place that looks good.


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