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Cindy and Phina Masanyalaze bury hatchet

Cindy and Phina Masanyalaze’s beef was a big story back then in 2014. The two were at each other over a man. Apparently after breaking up with Mario, Cindy quickly hooked up with a South African based Ugandan businessman Kenneth Muyiisa who was a longtime lover to Phina Masanyalaze with whom they have a child together.

The story made headlines and Cindy didn’t deny hooking up with Muyiisa. The two hated each other and even when the former Blu*3 member moved on, we didn’t see them cross paths. Not until yesterday during the hand-over ceremony of UMA president Sophie Gombya.

After taking her oath and receiving the association files, Cindy hugged Phina Masanyalaze who vowed to work alongside her. “Let me also welcome Cindy to the association. We are going to work together.” Phina said.


Phina Masanyalaze is the secretary of the Uganda Musician’s Association while Cindy is the new Vice president taking over from Ykee Benda who was elevated to president.

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