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Cameron Gitawo to fund Roy Mubiru’s weightlifting championship

Roy Mubiru

Ugandan businessman and socialite Cameron Gitawo who is also a leader of GMG, a money spending group, has come out again to show his support for powerlifter Roy Mubiru.

Apart from money, the South African based socialite has pledged a brand new car, a posh GTS for Mubiru. It will only be given to him when he wins the gold medal for his country Uganda.
According to Gitawo, Mubiru, the championship happen tomorrow evening will take place in Connecticut America and he believes Mubiru is bringing home the gold medal.

Cameron Gitawo with the Posh GTS that he has pledged for Roy Mubiru if he wins gold.

Speaking to Mubiru on a phone interview, he says he is more than ready and he will bring the medal home. Last year in Ukraine, he came back home with a gold medal. “I was supposed to train for three months but because of COVID, I have only trained for three weeks but with the experience and skills I have in powerlifting, I am bringing it home.
Mubiru also asked Ugandans to support him as he takes part in the championship later today. He also asked President Museveni to support him more in case he wins the medal.

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