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Options for ultra-skinny jeans

NEW LOOK. The skinny jeans for men have been around for a really long time but I guess, it is about time we got it over and done with. What options do we have for cool though?

You probably hadn’t taken notice of this, but ultra-skinny jeans for men are slowly phasing out. The boy band look is fast becoming a thing of the past, and I am personally not mad at that. This is one of those trends that had overstayed their visit on the scene. So unless you look good in them and are able to accessorise them well enough not to come off a fashion faux, you should get rid of those quick.
And do not despair as today’s piece is focusing on giving you other stylish options to replace your skinny pants. These will still give you a stylish look, and a comfort element to match.

Cropped pants
These are a great alternative, majorly for two reasons; they are style suave and work with anything from a casual look to a formal look. You can wear this with your favourite polo T-shirt, a nice casual blazer and some low cut sneakers to match. Or, you can have this on for a sockless look, worn as a suit in a bright hue. Add some loafers to this and you are good to go.

The cuffed pants
What most men probably loved about the ultra-skinny jeans was the “cool look” feels that came with wearing them. So with the cuffed hem pants, you are still able to achieve that, but with some comfort. These pants feature a turned up hem that gives a whole new style spin to your ankle area. Depending on what look you are trying to achieve, the cuffed hem can sit over your ankles, or above it. Style this with any of your casual tees or shirts.

Straight legged pants
These may seem like the obvious option, but when dressed up well, you can achieve a head turning look with these. The goal is to keep the leg area of your pants straight and well fitted. If you are also looking to have a dressed up look with a blazer and dress shirt, then these jeans are the perfect bottom to achieve that.

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