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Judith Heard nominated for Miss Elite world



At 34, some models have already been retired and focusing on other things although, on rare cases, beauty pageants bring them on board to be judges.

Well, our very own Judith Heard has beaten the odds as she has been nominated at the Miss Elite world 2020 to be held in Egypt.

It might be the first time in history that a model above 29 year’s runway limit competes with contestants who are still in their 20s but Heard is the only Ugandan for the pageant in which she will be competing with 31 other contestants representing different countries.


Other countries include Morocco, Kenya, Belgium, Canada, Cyprus, Estonia, Finland, Greece, India, Colombia, Lebanon and many more.

Miss Elite World 2020 is an international beauty pageant with contestants from all over the world.

All the contestants are elite top models, singers, actresses, previous miss universes and influencers, among others.

The first edition is going to be held from December 3rd until 11th, 2020.


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