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Daxx Kartel does house chores – Momo 19


Suleiman Ssebunya, alias Daxx Kartel, should be awarded a medal. Why? Uhhhm, well, word reaching us is that Daxx Kartel leaves his celebrity status at the doorstep and once inside, he gets his hands dirty doing house chores. Where did we get this?

From his wife Momo 19, who told us that immediately Daxx Kartel wakes up, he mops the house, cleans utensils and sometimes cooks and he has done so since they started dating. “I’ve asked him on several occasions to stop but he won’t listen. He hates seeing the house dirty,” she said.

There have already been rumours that Momo 19 married the “Baala” artiste because she is wealthier than him but the TV presenter disregarded the rumours.


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