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Bold patterned pants for men



STATEMENTS. Nothing spells bold like a man in colour…no wait, a man in patterned bottoms. It is a statement not many risk but it is a trend!

No fashion detail makes quite the statement like prints. Whether it is kente prints or tie and dye, you are always going to be on the winning side anytime you have prints on.

Today’s fashion recommendation actually reminded me of an incident on social media. It was about this celebrity that was getting bashed in the comment section of his social media post for stepping out in bold patterned pants. Well, in case you were wondering, these are definitely styles approved in 2020, and here is how you can make these a part of your personal style.

Your bold patterned pants are only going to be as good as you accessorise them. So what you wear over your pants is what will make them stand out, or kill the look completely. The fit on these is also going to determine how well your look comes off eventually.

If you are looking to have something safe, you can choose to let the hue of the pattern in your trousers determine the top and accessories on your ensemble. For instance, if you opt for a cream pair, with the pattern being dark, then add a black top on this, and accessorise with other pieces in that shade.

However, if you are what they call the pro when it comes to your fashion, then you can decide to colour block the pieces by opting for a tie and dye pattern for your trousers and then keep the top and other additions in contrasting shades.

The other area you need to focus on is where you wear these pants to; keep these for your casual dress up settings.
When it comes to the fit, you can decide to keep them slim and well fitted or have them loose-fitting; minding your hems, and waist area, so you do not end up looking like a homeless person!



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