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Man, Abayaaye no longer feel the pain

Remember Mubiru from last week? The guy who escaped through the window when police raided the Kiwatule party place as Kansiime, Nuwagaba and company got arrested?

Yeah, that guy. He called me on Friday just to say he wanted me to have a feel of their parties. He maintained that they were the best thing to happen after Covid-19.

Together with his surviving cronies, they had changed base and moved to Munyonyo. Here, he said, they would be protected by the same police that had stormed their earlier party place. I cannot say I was not surprised by the invite, but I did not need a lot of convincing to join them.

These guys know how to have a blast. About 40 of them, crammed into a rented fully furnished apartment. Most had arrived the previous day, Friday. Some like me joined in on Saturday at 8am.

“Carry a bottle of your favourite drink and you will get a second one free,” read the invite. One hour later, most of the second bottles had been downed. And so more were procured.

And so with free flowing booze, the conversation would turn from light to outright controversial. From Bobi Wine’s academic qualifications to what lawyer Male Mabirizi hopes to achieve with all the noise he was making.

Joshua Cheptegei’s exploits were discussed for about three seconds but the billions National Resistance Movement members were injecting in party primaries ahead of today’s polls consumed almost the entire day. And night.

An extremely short man began his narrative, gesticulating with his left hand that revealed even shorter fingers.

“I have it on full authority that a female party boss dispatched billions of shillings to help her husband win a parliamentary seat come Friday.”

The couple had earlier tried to buy out another contestant in vain.
The said money, he added, was being channeled through one of her top aides under tight security.

“But you know she is not the only person spending money to win an election,” a girl with heavy makeup asked, the effects of the previous night’s booze slightly slowing her speech.

“True,” fatman with fat fingers said. “We have seen the finance ministers with loads of cash. There is that guy who was with URA who recently gave women knickers in Sheema. The list is endless, including the big man.”
He went back to his drink. We all did, as we looked over our shoulders for the spies amongst us.

Mubiru knew I would be that guy but that didn’t stop us from entering Sunday morning screaming ‘Ebiluma Abayaye no more.’

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