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Let Chadwick rest, work on yourself

Three weeks ago, I watched 42, a film about Jackie Robinson, the first Black American to play major league basketball at a time when racism was rife. It was a nice movie but I did not think much of it.

In fact I thought, oh, another racism story with a happy ending. The lead actor in this biopic was Chadwick Boseman or T’çhalla as he was so lovingly called in the movie Black Panther.

Then a couple of weeks later, I woke up to his photo plastered on almost everyone’s WhatsApp status with statements like ‘f*$#$ 2020, life is a b#$^h’, and a lot moreFrench. Reason: Mbu they were very angry because their king, T’challa has died. Of course, his death is tragic.

I mean, he was only 43 years old, had a great and inspiring career, wasn’t seeking a fifth term in any political office, hadn’t lied about his age, etc. So yes, we mourn his death. However, dear Ugandan, let us not act as if we are more bereaved than his family and friends.

Instead of being there mbu you are very pained by Chadwick’s death, how about we pick some life lessons. For instance, Chadwick was diagnosed with colon cancer in 2016. That means even when he did Black Panther, he was ill.

He didn’t send out sympathy cards inviting the world to a pity party to talk about how unfair life was or how he, of all people, deserved a cancer-free life.

He also didn’t just throw his life away and decide that life was a waste of time and that he was going to die anyway. Instead, he showed up and brought his A-game to whatever project needed to be done.

Chadwick Boseman

Now I am not saying you should die alone like a ninja with your problems and not tell anyone but rather that whatever it is, be determined to live to the fullest right there in the eye of the storm.

Now some confused people think living to the fullest means drinking like a fish and setting up permanent residence at clubs, house parties and whatever your definition of parte after parte (where did that song go?) is. That’s only part of it.

The truth is, you will probably never be a Chadwick Boseman, never attain his fame, wealth and accomplishments. Daily Mail will not write about your death. There will be about 300 people on social media typing RIP and posting old photos of you.

You will then be buried near some ka bush in your ancestors’ graveyard and the world will move on. So while you still live, make it count and love God, Chadwick did!

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