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And the campaign songs begin


With so many artistes having joined the race for political offices in 2021, we are already seeing and hope to hear more campaign songs.



Nsubuga Galiwango

Campaign season is here and with many artistes and entertainers vying for political office, it comes as no surprise that music will be playing a huge role on the road to 2021.

As the polling climate heats up, musicians are also gearing up. Artistes and politicians vying for various positions in the 2021 General Elections have started releasing songs to aid their campaigns.

Artistes Kato Lubwama and Hillary Kiyagga, alias Hilderman, are some of the artistes that have dropped songs so far. Lubwama, who is also Lubaga South MP, released his song shortly after being discharged from hospital following an medical operation.

The song starts off as an inspirational piece, reminding the listener about his journey from grass to grace, attributing his success to the spirit of self-belief, hard work and prayer.

But as the song progresses, he hints on ‘Solida’, a slogan he used to rally supporters in his 2016 campaigns.
In an election that has attracted many artistes into the political firepot, music is expected to be a major player in rallying electorates.

In 2016, a group of musicians led by Bebe Cool, composed and performed Tubonga Naawe, in support of President Yoweri Museveni. His biggest opponent, Kizza Besigye, had Toka Kwabarabara by little-known artiste Adam Mulwana.

The songs that were mainly popular among their supporters, built up gusto among the electorates during rallies.

Hilderman’s song, Patrico, released last week, has the same vibe as his 2010 hit, Amelia, which would later help Amelia Kyambadde win the Mawokota North MP seat in the 2011 General Elections. Like the mega hit Amelia, Patrico is not straight-to-the-point. It talks of a girl that has so much love for a one Patrico, that she has made him the envy of the rest of her suitors. It has a groovy feel in a chorus that gives prominence to the subject name, “Patrico”.

Nothing to hide
Although on CBS FM, where it was played last week, the song’s connection to the station’s presenter, Patricko Mujuuka’s bid for Nakifuma MP seat wasn’t mentioned, Hilderman made the cause of the song clear somewhere else. On his YouTube channel, the song is labelled with Mujuuka’s campaign poster. By press time, the song had garnered only 49 views, 14 days after its release.

Hilderman, who is also the leader of the People Power Movement in Greater Mpigi, has vowed to take on Amelia Kyambadde.
Two weeks ago, through his official Facebook page, presidential aspirant Joseph Kabuleta also released two songs; Ensi Yaffe and Tetuli Kukatale, which reiterate his campaign ticket of Financial Liberation. The songs, which he composed, are sang by barely known up-and-coming artistes, and they offer only him as the survivor of the situation.

Early this month, the industry was abuzz with controversial regulations by the ICT ministry and Uganda Communications Communication intended to clamp down on artistes’ content. A section of the major stakeholders argued that the regulations were put in place by government to try to curb the voices of those who want to use art to speak out and drive their manifestos.

Many artistes, mainly upcoming and upcountry, have released songs vouching for presidential aspirants Museveni and Kyagulanyi.

A source close to the Kamwokya-based movement disclosed that Eddie Yawe, Kyagulanyi’s elder brother, and Ronald Mayinja are both cooking songs for their different political campaigns.

The source, however, noted that the content of the songs is not yet known. It is still subject to question whether Bobi Wine’s early-year release Tuliyamba Engule will be his campaign anthem, but sources say he has been working on various music projects which he hopes to use during campaigns.

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