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Top 9 celebrities who love gambling

Ben Affleck in casino

The moderations brought about by new technological advancements have made gambling one of the fastest growing industries in the world. And sometimes, it can be fun. Prominent people, including celebrities can be found engaging in gambling and related activities world over, and we’ll be taking a look into some of the top celebrities who love to gamble during their free time.

  1. Ben Affleck

The ‘Batman’ is not your ordinary star. He is a celebrated Hollywood sensation from way back, and one of the biggest fans of gambling. He was known to balance between shooting movies and the casino, and he was no stranger to lovers of poker and blackjack, his favourite casino games.

  1. Tobey Maguire

The web-slinger is famed for his role as the first actor to play Spiderman. He was a regular casino visitor a few years ago, taking part in big-money poker games alongside the crème de la crème of Hollywood.

  1. Tiger Woods

The legendary golfer is no stranger to controversy, yet he happens to be one of the most successful sportsmen on the planet. With an estimated net worth of over $600 million, Tiger Woods is a famed Blackjack player.

  1. Pamela Anderson

It is rumoured that Pamela Anderson was hinged to Rick Salomon, a popular poker pro, after she lost a bet against him. The Baywatch actress was a frequent casino visitor who loved playing poker more than any other game.

  1. Derren Brown

He may have made his name as a magician, but he was also a good blackjack player. The Englishman was at one time banned from all casinos in the country after his exploits on the table, with some people accusing him of using magic to win.

  1. Charlie Sheen

The Two and a Half Men actor is as controversial as they get. Forget the many scenes in the sitcom where he would be seen gambling alongside other addicts, he is a known gambler in real life. He spent millions of money in casinos across the United States.

  1. Floyd Mayweather Jr.

The boxing star can do anything for fame, even outside the ring. He has the money to spend, and he wants the world to take notice. In the gambling scene, he is the kind that spends huge sums of money on bets, and that is just him.

  1. Matt Damon

The Rounders star is another famous celebrity who loves gambling. He spent huge sums of money on gambling as he prepared for his role in the popular movie. With Rounders set to explore the world of high-stakes poker, Matt was the perfect fit for his role.

  1. Shannon Elizabeth

Shannon played Nadia in the hit series American Pie, and everyone loved her. Well, it happens that she was not only good on the screen, but she also rose to become one of the best poker players. She has taken part in numerous poker competitions in Las Vegas.

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