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The Sleepover



Cast: Sadie Stanley, Maxwell Simkins, Malin Åkerman, Ken Marino, Joe Manganiello, Erik Griffin, Karla Souza Directed by: Trish Sie Genre: Action comedy Duration: 100 minutes Now Streaming: Netflix

Kevin (Simkins) is the typical cheeky boy. He loves to regale his classmates with stories about his family, even when some of these stories are based on already known stories. His sister, Clancy (Stanley), on the other hand takes life a little more seriously. The two almost mirror their parents. Kevin is more like the playful Glen (Marino) while Clancy takes after Margot (Åkerman), who is very strict and has rules that would have any tween rolling their eyes in frustration. One night during a sleepover with their friends, Kevin’s wildest dreams seem to come to life after their parents are abducted. The siblings and their respective best friends go on the hunt for the parents, making an adventure of it.

The Sleepover is definitely a family movie. This means that the jokes are safe and the action more adventurous than violent. The cast is also one of the movie’s highlights. If you have seen the trailer, chances are that you will watch the movie because Manganiello and Akerman are in it. These two after all manage to make things interesting when they are in a movie. They do that here just fine. However, the real stars of the movie are the child actors.

This delightful bunch has a good mix of curiosity, skepticism, sassiness and precaution, which all play their part in making the movie an enjoyable watch.

However, the movie kept it safe with the storyline and therefore fit the mold of movies where families go on an unexpected adventure. You will also feel like you want to see more of what the children are upto instead of the parents. However, the plot drags out the adult scenes. So perhaps this would have been even more enjoyable if the children took centre stage.


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