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The 90s shoulder bag is back




The miniature bag is everything but we need more space now and in comes the old skool shoulder bag.

Hello fashionistas, the 90s called and they are making a style comeback with one of the hottest bag choices at the moment; the vintage shoulder bag.

You know that one accessory that is going to get you certified fashionista status; well, this bag is it! It is haute and the fact that it is vintage makes it stylish to blend with all your ensembles. Wondering how to get this into your everyday style?

Since this accessory gives off a 90s fashion vibe, it will be best if you pair it with other vintage pieces such as bell bottoms, bucket hats, slim glasses and flared sleeves for your tops or dresses.

For option one, you can have on your shoulder bag as an accessory for your tube top, and leather pants look. You can wear this bag in a fabric and hue of your choice, depending on what theme you are going with for your look.

My personal favourite is wearing your bag over your off the shoulder coloured or printed dress, and finish the look off with some low cut sneakers. If you are the kind that loves to go all out with your accessories, then you can add a bucket hat to this and some jewellery.

This trendy fashion accessory will also serve as a great compliment to your Bermuda shorts and body suit look. Depending on what look you are going for, you can have sandals on with this look, or even some mule sandals for a solid vintage themed look.

When looking for purchase points for these, they will vary; however, many upscale boutiques will have a piece or two of these.
Online shopping sites such as Alibaba and Amazon are also a great point to begin your search.


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