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Songwriter Mudra has had enough

ongwritng comes with one major challenge – being behind the curtains. You can write quite a number of hits and yet it remains unknown who is behind them even after some artistes give credit.

For example Mudra, who has written all Karole Kasita’s hits, Cindy’s “Mwotto” and Vinka’s “My Baby.” Much as these songs have gone on to be big, Mudra, real name Alpha Ssebunya, feels he has not achieved much out of the popularity the songs have brought these artistes.

“People are less appreciative. You do a lot for them, make them big brands but you literally gain nothing. It is us who make those artistes but at the end of the day, all the credit goes to them,” Mudra said. Now the singer seems to have taken his emotions a little too far and decided to give songwriting an indefinite break to kick off a singing career with a song already, “Kimuli Kyange”.

“I don’t want to be addressed as a songwriter anymore. In fact, I’m not even the brains behind the songs Karole Kasita and others have. This is where that journey stops.” Eh! Okay…


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