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GNL exhibits his cinematography skills

GNL Zamba and his wife Miriam Tamar

Nsimbi, a music duo involving GNL Zamba and his wife Miriam Tamar, have released their track titled, Searching, but there is one aspect about the song that caught our attention. The video was directed by GNL Zamba.

“When I was directing this video, I wanted to show a story of connection. I wanted to show beauty and portray loneliness, because even in the most comfortable setting, we can feel lost until we have someone to share our beautiful journey with. Looking inward and outwards, sharing the mundane and extra ordinary,” GNL told us.

The video was filmed at Nsimbi’s US quarantine hideaway and it is the rapper’s debut as director and his skills seem to have come in handy for the couple amid the Covid-19 lockdown.

The video has some interesting scenes and the camera angles were perfectly executed. And if he gets a nod from many, we might just see the chief of Baboon Forest Entertainment switching focus to cinematography.

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