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When you are talented you never stop – Iryn

Iryn Namubiru

Legend: Iryn Namubiru is a veteran in Uganda’s music industry and she keeps evolving. When the lockdown set in, she was happy to open her wardrobe as she worked on her new album, Mpulira. Edgar R. Batte writes.

The music industry gives birth to new and vibrant talent every now and then, what are your strategies to competitively keep afloat?
First and foremost, I love singing and trying out new things all the time. I put so much effort and time in what I do, and I guess that is what keeps me afloat.

Do people like you need to keep releasing music or you should stick to your body of work, the way we see Afrigo Band living off their old music for very many years…
It depends on one’s mode of work. We all have different strategies and goals. I for one would still want to release music, nothing is stopping me and there is no limit to the amount of music one can put out as long they still have the ability to create.
How often you release music totally depends on individuals’ choices or how the market operates at a given time.

You have a music show scheduled for Sunday, what should your fans expect and what is your take on online performances and the new normal in the context of an artiste’s professional earnings?
Yes, I have an online show on Sunday and I promise it is gonna be great. The sound will be perfect. If you have watched any of those Fezah concerts, you will know what I am talking about. For now, online shows are almost all we can do. I hope we can be able to perform at public events soon because right now we do not earn much. By the way, on the same day, I will release my new album titled Mpulira.

You seem deliberate on looking good as seen from your online postings. What are you doing to keep in shape and fashionably sensitive?
Oh yes, at the beginning of all this lockdown because of the Covid-19 pandemic, I realised we were gonna have a lot of time on our hands so I decided to use it to my advantage; working out, concentrating on my music, then pulled out all my cute outfits one by one. I did not know when I would ever use them again. I felt I should draw much attention to my music since there was a gap for it, and, honestly, everyone had the time to look, read, and listen with much concentration.

As a veteran artiste, what lessons have you drawn from your music career thus far and what tips would you share with someone hungering to join the sector?
I have learnt that when you have the talent, you have to keep nurturing it. Never take it for granted. Look out for new trends and experiences, always try to widen your horizons, but most importantly, be confident, devoted and consistent.

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