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Too many strange things these days

You people, we are living in the end times. I think the end might even have already come and we just don’t know it yet. There is a chance that we all died like last year and then woke up thinking we were still alive. Because how do you explain our choice of interest these days?

How do you explain why we are so concerned about a human being called Full Figure driving an expensive car or a dear grandpa prancing about in his very nice mansion doing 40 push-ups to amuse his imaginary grandchildren who he expects to vote him back into that very mansion for a sixth time, or a self-made money hungry man-child called Ashburg Katto crying out loud on social media about death threats? (Okay to be fair, we are all money hungry but still…), or two political parties fighting over the colour red? I swear it is only idle dead people who give all their attention to such random ridiculousness.

Because if you live in this world where you have to hustle for a living, with the sun burning down on you, with risk of falling down an uncovered manhole while you hurry to get into some rickety taxi that is spraying insecticide into people’s hands mbu sanitiser only to knock over a motorcyclist while trying to dodge a pothole on our horrible roads, then some things would never even be accorded a thought.

If we were still under full blown lockdown, then that would be understandable because lockdown idleness bred all clans of foolishness. Unless of course it is just a coping mechanism to block out hard life. So either we are the living dead or simply handling life’s pressures quite well.

Speaking of life’s pressures, on Saturday Violet Kakai, a 38-year-old woman who worked with International Hospital Kampala was killed by her murderously jealous husband. I read that the man had always been violent. What happened to Violet is sad, to say the least. Unfortunately, it has happened before and will happen again. We always think it cannot happen to you until it does.

So here’s the thing, if he or she is a repeat offender when it comes to violence, walk away unless you are ready to make it your life’s sole purpose to exorcise whatever spirits drive them to such violence. This is not to sound simplistic or trivialise the deaths of Violet and others like her. The truth is, such people rarely change. Only God can change them. So while we wait for this miracle of transformation, how about you walk away from toxicity and violence to a safer place.

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