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The Monday troll : Mr Mosh uses Bukirwa to scare Bbosa

Mosh Ssendikaddiwa, alias Mr Mosh. PHOTO | COURTESY

Daily Monitor sports writer Denis Bbosa was almost set in a wheelbarrow in Bukasa when his rival for Makindye East III LC5 council seat Mosh Ssendi turned up promising to unleash Dorothy Bukirwa on his campaign trail.

Mr Mosh, a singer that maintains a look of a well-fed teen despite being one of the first Ugandans to own a Ugandan British Protectorate Passport in the 1940s, shot to fame in 2004 with Nubian Queen that featured a sultry voiced ‘kazigoed’ Bukirwa.

Bbosa, a panelist on NTV Omumuli sports show, was in Bukasa on his kakuyege when a boda boda man asked what he would bring now that Mosh was bringing back Bukirwa. He reportedly collapsed in a heap but found his fit just in time before he was set in wheelbarrow ambulance.

Bbosa then declared himself ‘real muzinyi’ (player) and vowed that even if Mosh unleashed three kazigos, the ChezaDotCom lunchtime show presenter will lose.
Exciting race in Makindye!

Rema flaunts bakery on Kenzo return
We all thought Rema had got over herself and decided to focus on living with Hamza Sebunya in their bedroom rather than social media. We also thought that she was over Kenzo.

Well, it appears we were wrong. But right, too. Right that she was doing some indoor work as the slight bulge in the recently released photos show.

But wrong because as soon as Kenzo returned from months of Covid-enforced exile in Ivory Coast where he was reduced to crying to be airlifted back home and cuddling some Guinness Book of World Records kind of pawpaws, Rema dropped back with a bang.

Now we could be in for pictures of baby shopping, baby shower, bump caressing, diaper colours… all because of an idler called Kenzo.
Can those Ivorians come and pick Kenzo and keep him out there until Rema has gotten over him, please?

Disclaimer: This is a parody column

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