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The mixtapes never stopped for DJ Anko

Mixtape master: While many in the entertainment industry are struggling, Lira’s Dj Anko Fiffz is still living the DJ life. The 29-year-old has kept the party going while making mixtapes as Isaac Otwii writes.

Tell us about yourself
My real name is Job Enon, I am a DJ, psychologist, and businessman. I am God-fearing, down to earth and I enjoy urban music.

When did you join the entertainment industry?
I used to listen to a lot of urban music on the radio while at university and these are songs that DJs rarely play. So in 2016 I decided to learn deejaying to bridge the gap.
I did not expect to go far with it but in 2017 I started making WhatsApp mixtapes every Wednesday and the reception was massive. I started getting gigs and had no choice but to perfect it and now I am one of the top DJs in northern Uganda.

What are your aspirations in the entertainment Industry?
I want to lift the entertainment industry in northern Uganda and I want people to appreciate that we actually have huge talent in the north; this will be feasible by having a positive influence on our entertainers.
There is a perception that the music in northern Uganda is local but I am gonna do everything I can to make sure that the perception is changed. I cannot do it alone, I have other people with the same mindset and we shall work together.

What do you consider an achievement?
Having a positive influence on people around me is always a huge achievement.

What is it like being a DJ during the lockdown, seeing as bars and all happening places are closed?
It is not easy because as a DJ, most of us get paid from such places and now that there are no gigs, we have to think outside the box to survive.
For me, it has not been so bad since I have been making mixtapes and most of them got sponsored. I am also a businessman and I have a shop in Lira Town dealing in car spare parts, which has made it easier for me to push through as I wait for the clubs to open.

How are you keeping up with your fans?
When I started, I never thought I would get such a positive response from my fans and followers. I just did it for fun and the response was massive, thanks to everyone who believed in me and loved my mixtapes I have made lots of mixtapes in this lockdown, which has made it easier for my fans to survive the boredom.

Any advice to other DJs?
Let them not just rely on deejaying as their only source of income, but
rather create something on the side to help them cope.
They should be creative also and use other platforms such as radio or TV stations to help them stay relevant. Mixtapes also if pushed well can get you some income; let them venture into that too, besides it keeps your fanbase active.

Tell us about your education?
I went to Akalo Primary School for my primary education, Amuca SDA SS for my O-Level and A-Level education.
I later joined Makerere University for my university degree and graduated with a Bachelor of Community Psychology.

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