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Technology at a glance as Jinja is set for first video visual arts exhibition

Innovation has been the most practical achievement in the covid era as people are trying to cope up with the new normal to enable day-to-day running of businesses.

In Jinja, a visual arts outfit called the Creative Tribes has curated a video visual arts exhibition in an event that will enable art enthusiasts to view works amidst call for social distance.

Possibly, the first ever in Jinja, the art exhibition which will be showcased at Popup Gallery will feature the works of generative artist Scarlet Motiff whose works applies data to create abstract visuals using real-time computer-generated graphics.

The exhibition that is set for September 3, 2020 at The Innovation Village Jinja will treat art lovers to mesmerizing video collection under the theme; “Generative Dreams” explores motion and light.

Art director and curator Nicole Remus explained that Jinja has a very vibrant creative community and The Creative Tribe is working to harness its creative potential which explains the choice of place for the exhibition.

“Through the monthly popup gallery, we hope to establish a full-time exhibition space in Jinja for creative in the visual arts,” said Remus.

He added that the aim of the monthly Popup Gallery is to make art more accessible to the community.

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