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Remnants in Angola ask Ugandans to give them Prophet Mbonye

Prophet Elvis Mbonye

For a while now, there has been debate on whether controversial Prophet Elvis Mbonye is a true or false prophet. While some people hail him and others believe that he is a true prophet, a section of some Ugandans and social media users believe that he is a fake prophet and have over the years come out to say it.

This section of people is probably what provoked one of his followers in Angola to come out is a video he posted on his social media page and ask Ugandans to give Prophet Mbonye to Angola if they don’t want him.

In the video that has since made rounds on social media, a one Bother Helder who is a remnant and also refers to himself as Elvis Mbonye on his Facebook page requests Ugandans who think that prophet Elvis Mbonye is fake to Angola because he is heavily anointed.

According to Brother Helder, Prophet Mbonye once prophesied for Angola saying that the president that was going to come on would do things differently and something he says is happening now. He added that all the prophecies that Mbonye made when he first went to Angola in 2017 where he was welcomed like a king are coming to pass.

“We ask you to give him to us and we shall take good care of him because the anointing he has will change Angola and its economy,” Helder emphasized.

The remnant also shared his testimony. “While the prophet was in Angola, I shared my documents with him and the prophet anointed them. He said I would prosper and from that day till to date, my life changed a lot and for the better,” he said.

He concluded by asking Ugandans to make use of the prophet to help change the economy for the better.

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