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Remnants all over the world to honour Prophet Elvis Mbonye virtually

Prophet Elvis Mbonye’s Birthday

Every year, the leader of Zoe fellowship Prophet Elvis Mbonye is honoured by his followers commonly known as remnants. There was a lot of uncertainty whether the ceremony that usually happens every 1st September will take place given that prayer places are closed due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The good news is that the pandemic is not going to get in the way this year as the Prophet has set up a virtual honor day next Tuesday for all remnants all over the world.

Prophet Elvis honor day is the day remnants all over the world testify on the goodness and the good deeds of Prophet Mbonye and being a remnant.

Over the years, remnants all over the world have been giving testimonies. In this year’s edition, Pastor Franklin Mondo is one of the millions that have honored Prophet Elvis Mbonye. Prominent men of God like Pastor Simeon Kayiwa, Apostle Stanley the Great and Prophet Terry Branson from Zimbabwe wished him the best celebrations.

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