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Ponytail would look good on Navio – Lynda Ddane

Celeb fantasy. You may think you have the right outfits and the best haircut but someone out there would prefer you to have a different fashion sense. NTV’s Lynda Ddane tells Isaac Ssejjombwe how she would upgrade hip-hop artiste Navio’s look.

What perfume do you think would smell good on Navio?
I don’t know what perfume he uses but I think Tom Ford would probably work perfect for him.

What hairstyle would look good on him?
I like his hairstyle although I would probably have him hold a ponytail. I would want him to try shaven sides [sort of Mohawk with his dreadlocks].

What do you think is his shoe size?
Size 46.

What kind of shoes does he love?
Maybe Jordans.

What type of clothes would look good on him?
I think colourful sweatshirts with dark jeans, with little or no accessories; the calm/cool boy look.


What style describes him?
I think he is not a suit guy. He looks the kind who would rock black and gold casual smart.

Even if you think he is not a suits guy, how many suits do you think he owns?
I think they are few for really special occasions.

What style wouldn’t look good on him?
Skinny jeans and tight shirts. His body type is not for such clothes.

Do you think he would look good with a built-up body?
No, I think he is perfect the way he is. No need for any build up.

What type of food do you think he likes?

What type of beard would you imagine him having?
None. Just a plain chin.

I think…weird style
I think Navio would look his worst if he donned skinny jeans and tight shirts because they are not for his body type.

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