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Navio speaks out on circulating video of him and Winnie Nwagi


This week, a video of Navio and Winnie Nwagi went viral on social media with the Hip Hop artiste shortly snubbing the Swangz Avenue’s dance moves.

Nwagi was dancing with Navio but when she started rubber-dubbing him, he walked away. Some people thought he intentionally embarrassed her while others said it was the best way to walk away from temptation.

                                      Video grab of Winnie Nwagi video with Navio

With all this still going on, the Klear Kut artiste has come out and clarified on what really transpired.

“Concerning the circulating video clip, I’m here to clarify on that, it was a simple photo shoot, pausing for pics with a fellow artist wouldn’t be bad!! And I wasn’t avoiding her, I just stepped a bit to check on the photos the camera guy was taking!!” Navio posted on his facebook account.

Winnie Nwagi

This is not the first time Winnie Nwagi is being put on the spot. She was criticised last year for the same actions against a SMACK boy that forced Swangz Avenue to apologise.

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