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Madrat and Chiko’s new comic twist

Madrat and Chiko have hosted artistes, DJs and fellow comedians. PHOTOS | ISAAC SSEJJOMBWE

Times are hard for creatives world over, theatres and show grounds have been closed for months. Yet for Ugandan comedy duo Madrat and Chiko, things have not been as bad.

In fact, as many entertainers were busy waiting for government aid, the duo was innovating, they came up with an initiative, House Quiz Comedy where they host other comedians and entertainers to discuss quite a number of topics inside the house.

The interactive sessions have been held in their kitchen, bedroom, fireplace and the best thing is that they are not conventional.

They have been doing the sessions every Sunday, hosting entertainers such as Salvado, Teacher Mpamire, A Pass, Barbarita, Geosteady and Jose Chameleone.

The reason for the meetings is to brainstorm and talk about different issues that may affect the country or the industry. With fellow comedians they even crack a few jokes about each other, the initiative that has been on since May has been building momentum each week that passes.

One of the things that make their show outstanding is the free banter they spontaneously start while doing their show and of course, the free spirit that is expressed even with the crew, the duo don’t seem to be throwing a lot of money for an outstanding camera crew yet that basic nature of it all works for them.

The choice to start with a DJ mix seems as a brilliant idea considering a fact that DJs and their gadgets seem to have taken over lockdowns this side of the world. Most of the times, when you watch the show live, it’s the mix that gives you a hint on who the duo is hosting as they will kick off with a triple play of that artiste.

Chiko, real names Frank Mubiru told us that not knowing when coronavirus will end, they started this to keep their brand relevant.

“We started this initiative to keep the Madrat and Chiko brand relevant. You know Covid has destroyed brands. People have lost jobs, people are stressed without working so we decided to start this to put a smile on their faces every Sunday evening during this period,” he said.

He further added that to make it more interesting, they avoid using a script as their topics come naturally to also help their guests blend in.

With more Ugandans picking interest in streaming services, their idea is timely and of course, it is onbe they can choose to keep beyond the pandemic.

They might not be earning like previously but through sponsorships on this show and video clips on their youtube, the duo have been able to survive through this period.

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