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I cried when they called me a man – Vinka

Veronica Lugya, known to many of you as Vinka, may be carrying her crown around with so much confidence and a huge smile but underneath that success was her walking through thorns.

The Swangz Avenue singer, who started her career amid some controversy, had to face a lot of trolls and cyber bullying. Many made fun of her deep voice and some even called her ‘that boy Vinka’.

“It was so heart-breaking. I know artistes get criticised but my situation was so bad. I used to cry all the time. I was so heartbroken by people calling me a man because of my voice,” she told Sqoop magazine.

It took a lot of strength for the now Sony-signed artiste to use it all to her advantage.

“I realised that it would actually work for me because it somehow created demand. People wanted to listen to my music and others wanted to see me perform.” And look where the girl is now…with that in-your-face-trolls vibe.

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