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From having no bed to getting a dream room – A Pass

A-pass’ new achievement. PHOTO | COURTESY

Alexander Bagonza alias A Pass is not taken seriously most of the time because of what he posts on his social media platforms but on some occasions, he gets serious.
Earlier this week, A Pass shared a short story of his past. A story of foregoing certain things in life. He narrated that he lived in a small room in which even a bed could not fit.
“From 2013 I had no bed, not because I didn’t want one but I was living in a small room by choice and I never wanted to be comfortable, I had a small mattress of mine and most of the time I slept with just a blanket. The room was a small store in a big house,” he posted.
The Oluso artiste then stated that this year, he came across a bed which caught his attention, so he immediately bought it even before it was even complete. “But I saw how special it would be when finished so I paid and started creating a room I would like to sleep in, it had taken me 2 months but it’s close to what I see in my vision.”
He further stated that his post was not to impress the public but to let them know they should not rush but take their time and do what their heart really wants. “It may take long to achieve but it won’t take forever.”

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