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Covid-19 is no hoax, it is real – Isaac Rucci

Reality: At the weekend, a video made rounds on social media and in it was Isaac Rucci in quarantine at Mulago hospital after testing positive with Covid-19. Before then, the emcee and singer was among those that doubted the reality of the virus, so Isaac Ssejjombwe had a chat with him on how he is coping with this reality.

1. Where do you think you caught the virus from and how are you feeling now?
I cannot really tell because I have tried to trace back but failed. I guess that is why it is called a pandemic, it is all over the place so it is very hard to trace back where I might have picked it up from.
However, I feel much better now. The doctors have done their part as I have also done mine. I’m way past the dangerous times. The only challenge is that they do not allow us to bring our own food or medication yet I had succeeded in self-medication. They just monitor us here and in fact, I’ve called out the directors to work on that.

2. At what point did you discover that you had Covid-19?
I was sick for about two weeks and was pro-active in treating myself. During those two weeks, I kept thinking that I could have Covid-19 but being a Christian, we are taught not to give into fear but have faith, so I brushed the thought aside but the reality was too close to home.
I only took a test after two weeks and the first test was at a reputable private hospital and the test was positive. However the hospital is not officially sanctioned to do Covid-19 testing so three days later, I went to Mulago.

3. What was the first thing that went through your mind when you got your results?
It was scary at the beginning. The first two weeks were hectic, physically. They kind of tore me up but I was on all kinds of treatment. Mentally, I prepared myself and continued with re-boosting my immunity. I then prepared myself for quarantine because I knew I would be picked up and eventually that is what happened but I continued with my local concoction of dawa tea (ginger, lemon, turmeric, black pepper and honey). I would also boil eucalyptus leaves, guava leaves, avocado leaves, garlic, lemon, onions then mix in eucalyptus oil or menthol crystals and I would take them twice a day. I am also taking extra vitamin C, D and Zinc.

4. In the video you shared, you say you were among the naysayers in the beginning. What advice would you give to people after this experience?
That we should not politicise everything and think that the government is out to get us. I would like to encourage people to take precaution and boost their immunity, take the SoPs seriously and play by the rules. If you do that, you will be okay and survive.
I see that many people are not following the Ministry of Health guidelines and they are not taking precaution.

5. Are you scared of the stigma that this might bring you?
This has already happened. I have had a dose of it but I am not scared, just disappointed and it is a reality check that this is how our people are. They have got a very twisted way of looking at things. Almost everything that comes at them is automatically looked at without logic. I recorded the video to come out and say that I got the virus just to be able to help people realise that it is real but I have received a bashing on Facebook. However, I am not scared but just disappointed and I am sorry for the community that that is how they feel.

Fezah show…

Fezah took precaution after my recent performance. All the team that worked that day got tested and I think 14 of them are okay and two or three tested positive but they are going forward with the shows.

Covid song after this?
I do not know. Maybe. But we are definitely doing a documentary and I will have to do music for it, but what I am sure of is that I am going to tell my story.

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