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Bobi and I have not talked in a while – Kenzo

Eddie Kenzo

He’s back: Last weekend, Edirisa Musuuza alias Eddy Kenzo trended on social media. In a leaked audio clip, Kenzo is overheard saying rather unpleasant words about Bobi Wine and this angered so many people, including a section of his fans. Isaac Ssejjombwe caught up with the singer on this and his lockdown in Ivory Coast.

1.That audio clip that circulated on social media, what was that all about?
For starters, that audio clip should never have come out because I thought I was talking to a friend about a friend. It was a private conversation with someone I trusted but they decided to use it to blackmail me. I said what I said because I was frustrated and angered at that time of the conversation. The friend I was speaking to, called at a time when I had seen and heard a lot.

2.Why didn’t you tell Bobi Wine directly what was bothering you?
A lot has been happening between us for some time now. We have not been on talking terms and even some of his brothers know about it. It has been internal but since it went public, I also had to come out publicly. I sent him a voicenote of exactly what was in the leaked phone call but he did not get back to me.
To bring you up to speed, Bobi Wine was among the people who were supposed to welcome me back from the US last year. I kept updating him on where I had reached and while in Dubai, I lost contact and a certain guy known as Ali Mawale contacted me saying for anything I needed to tell Bobi, I had to go through him and vice versa. I felt that was disrespectful.
When I reached Entebbe, I did not find him anywhere, not even an explanation on why he wasn’t there. Bobi never communicated about my fans who were detained thereafter and all he did was send me a ‘welcome back’ message the next day. When I finally spoke to him about this, he said: “Battle it out as a man”, and then he switched me off.

3.Do you regret saying the things you said in the leaked audio clip?
When my manager Martin called and told me what was going to happen, I was ready for the consequences. On the contrary, I am happy that it came out because now everything has been set straight. Maybe God wanted it that way.
I was speaking to Bobi as an artiste; a musician who has failed to respect other artistes. One who has failed to recognise artistes in their capacity. It is because I am short tempered that I might have said what I should not have said.

4.Where does this leave your relationship with Bobi Wine?
I respect Bobi Wine and he knows it. He is my source of inspiration. As ghetto people, we always look out for those who have transpired and gain our strength from them. Bobi is such a person. I have two artistes I like in Uganda; Bobi and Chameleone. He is one of my heroes but that does not stop me from disagreeing with him on some occasions.
That said, I am not angry anymore. Bobi Wine is my brother and I can campaign for him, just like I can campaign for anyone else. I am an independent person whom you will see performing at an NRM gig, NUP gig, DP gig and others. I have friends from each political party because I believe in freedom of speech.

5.Some people are relating this to your visit to State House.
My going to State House is not a problem. In fact, Bobi Wine was one of the people I first told that I was going there and he told me to go but be careful as well.
After working for Museveni in 2011, I saw something wrong, did not get paid and I did not complain because I respect him.

Ivory Coast

It was hard because of the expenses mostly. I spent a lot. In the beginning, I was staying in a cheaper place but circumstances forced me to shift to a bigger and expensive place. I didn’t want to shame my brand and my country, so I opted to go to a high-end place where I was charged $5,000 per month. However, I was sometimes bailed out by a few friends.

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