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Big Trill may never return home

It is six months since Big Trill found himself locked down in Nigeria due to the Covid-19 pandemic but now it seems like the trip that was meant to last a month, might just change the rapper’s life.

Big Trill has not just been hopping from party after party in Oga land but rather landed himself opportunity after opportunity.

Already a household name in Naija, Big Trill is believed to be growing his bank account from making appearances at events.

From what we heard, a 30-minute cameo gets him about 550,000 Nigerian Naira (about Sh 5.5 million). Sometime early this year, Big Trill got a social media bashing when he called out Ugandans for not appreciating their music stars.

Now with the towering lad’s pockets finally matching up to his height after years of effort and endurance, we doubt that he will find reason to return.

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